Set sail to simplicity…
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Set sail to simplicity…

Set sail to simplicity…

As Steve Jobs said, ‘That’s been one of my mantras–focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.’

I live a simple life. A simple cup of coffee with a close friend makes me happy. I can do nothing and sit in silence with another person, but feel connected. Simple.

The process of learning a language can seem complicated, but simple if we focus, and despite the frustration, we still enjoy it!

Sometimes, we overcomplicate relationships when all we require is respect, trust, and communication.

Technology has allowed us to create computers from simple software, but now they often cause complications!

A few weeks ago, as I returned to my company from a sabbatical, I came across Steve Jobs’ words.

I thought about how simplicity is important in business.

Work was enjoyable before the sabbatical but the pandemic made things challenging.

I supported clients in reaching their conference goals through the virtual arena while also working to produce our own branded conference summits.

During a trip to London, I met an entrepreneur who strengthened my belief that simplicity is vital for business growth.

I asked myself, how can we simplify things for our conference clients?

What steps can we take to reduce financial and operational risks while encouraging clients to run their conferences like a business and prioritise important tasks while minimising exhausting ones?

What is the way to streamline their conferences and simplify the business?

Yes, I had doubts about the idea of simplicity.

Simplicity is boring.

We all want to be challenged, right?

For some of us, success means transitioning to bigger, more luxurious, and financially rewarding businesses that are more awe-inspiring.

For some, success is measured by the simple smile of satisfied clients whose aspirations have been achieved.

The path to greatness for most successful companies is simplicity.

They achieve their strategies and objectives through logical and simple processes.

There is nothing boring about that.

So the outcome of our search for simplicity? Our research has led me to aspire to work with companies and individuals who want to introduce simplicity into their conference productions. Today, we want to work in partnerships with focus. It took me months of work to ‘get my thinking clean to make it simple.’

It feels good.

What’s your thinking about simplicity?